Here are some comments from long-term clients who have contracted Copperline to run in-house communication skills/management training courses and other interventions: (Names are available on request)

Managing Director, Whitehead Scientific
“We engaged Copperline to provide communication skills to operational and sales staff following a long series of minor disciplinary and grievance issues which we felt could have been avoided had both managers and staff had the skills to communicate with more direction. Our staff attended the Communication Skills Course and mid and lower management staff followed up with Managements Skills training. The investment quickly turned into improved levels of productivity, with staff members recognising different forms of assertiveness in themselves and others and applying the communication skills they had learned to better manage work-related conflict. The course was highly interactive, involving role play and problem-solving which suited most participants learning styles. Copperline provided excellent take-home course notes, which our staff frequently referred to at work after the courses had been completed. Jo Cooke, the course facilitator is a skilled presenter, she took pains to understand the needs of our business prior to the start of the course and was able to tailor the content to address our specific communication issues. She also provided constructive feedback and suggestions during and after the course which addressed the needs of our business but did not ignore the well-being of our staff. I would highly recommend Copperline as a training partner.”

Manager, Credit Control – Motor Industry Bargaining Council
“Copperline has exceeded Mibco’s expectations and it was such a great pleasure to be associated with such a professional institution like yours”

Call Centre Team Leader – Capfin
“Copperline was exceptional in terms of the learning methodology used, as the facilitator allowed the consultants to engage themselves more towards case studies and role-plays, which made it possible for the course content to be more refined. Joanna completely met my expectations and I feel that the Collections Agents will be able to deal with difficult phone calls more effectively.”.

Manager, Centre of Development – On-the-Dot Group (Media 24)
“It is only a pleasure to work with Jo Cooke and her team. I have received excellent feedback from learners who have attended her workshops and seen the change in learner behaviour post-training. She is professional, very approachable, accommodating, and delivers work of the highest standard. I will gladly recommend her and Copperline to anyone in need of soft skills training.”

Environmental Manager – De Beers Marine
“I really enjoyed the Copperline Management Development Programme and the opportunity it gave me to step back and reflect. I feel that I am actively using the insight I have gained from the program. The organisation and presentation of the course was of a very high standard.”

Senior L&D Consultant – Metropolitan Health Group:
“Joanna has been working with Metropolitan Health Group (MHG) for a number of years and I have known of her work ever since I joined the organisation in 2007. Since then, she has been responsible for facilitating our foundational, behavioural and leadership interventions for all levels of staff including our graduates on the Graduate Development Programme. Copperline’s programme offering is extensive. Their continued relationship with our company is testimony of their ability to develop an understanding of the business and to leverage this knowledge in all interactions in the classroom. The impact that Copperline’s training has had on our business is huge and in many instances we have reported increases in productivity in individual business units. This has done wonders to further support our business case on return on investment of training. Using Copperline’s services will allow you to access a network of professional facilitators who deliver great results consistently. I have no doubt that they add immense value to a company both directly and indirectly. They are fantastic!”

L&D Manager – Metropolitan Health Group:
“I have always preferred to work with providers who would partner with us in a collaborative way to deliver solutions. Copperline was one of these providers. Over the years Copperline has worked closely with us to develop and deliver customised and practical interventions to various levels of staff. The Copperline approach was always professional. Joanna Cooke is an experienced facilitator who delivers results with professionalism and integrity. It was a pleasure working with her over the years, and I would recommend them without hesitation to any organisation looking for a training provider who will truly partner with them.”

L&D Manager – Coca Cola Southern Africa Division
“We have been using Copperline for the past 7 years for various sales & supervisory training, the long-term relationship speaks for itself. The Coca-Cola Company requested them about 4 years ago to do some research in our markets & write an entrepreneurship programme for our rural markets. Their approach is extremely flexible and reliable and they will come up with a solution for any need you have. They don’t use the standard off-the-shelf approach but do proper research & investigation in the business before proposing something. I recommend them without hesitation.”

HR Manager – Voltex
“Once again I would like to thank you for the excellent course as well as the outstanding level of service we have received.”

Comments from programme participants:

  • “What a fantastic initiative to follow up on your delegates! I guess this is what sets your business apart from the others, well done!” (C.S., Metropolitan Health Group)
  • “This is the best course that I have attended in my 7 years at Media 24!” (D.E., Media 24 Group)
  • “Your feedback is really so good and I appreciate your effort of motivating us to continue with this journey we just started.” (R.M., De Beers Marine)
  • “I would just like to thank your trainer. He has done more than just teach a course today, he helped me figure out many things I’ve been battling with.” (K.S., Independent Newspapers)
  • “Everything on this course was of benefit to me and my team. This is my third course with Copperline and I want to say thank you. You really helped me a lot and have made a difference in the performance of my team.” (M.C, University of Cape Town GSB)
  • “This programme has helped me to believe in myself again – Thank you.” (A.B., Hilti S.A.)
  • “I think the presenter was a godsend, and that she couldn’t have come at a better time. The course was excellent and I learned a lot.” (P.S., Fortesking Hotels)
  • “I developed a lot of new skills and ideas, new ways of thinking.” (H.V., Touchline Media)
  • “The Management Development Programme has given me the right tools in managing and developing staff, I found the course motivational and inspirational.” (M.C. Virgin Active)
  • “Joanna has done an excellent job to motivate and inspire us. Most of us have already put into practice the things that we have learnt. Jo must come again for more courses.” (T.C., Qualijuice)
  • “I will put every aspect into practice in day-to-day tasks at work or at home. It is not often that someone can pull you from a comfort zone.” (Y.D., ADT Security)
  • “The Management Development Programme is one of the few courses that has really inspired me and given me practical skills to take back and use.” (M.T., University of Cape Town)
  • “I walked in (to the course) thinking I wanted to learn how to handle customers and ‘get them off my back’ professionally; and I walked out with a different view – that the customer is the most important person to our business, is human and has reasons for his/her behaviour. I now see the difficult customer as an opportunity.” (S.B., Permoseal)
  • “This Presentation Skills course was wonderful. I feel that I absorbed more on this workshop than on any others I’ve been on. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.” (R.A., Forward Slash)
  • “I loved the activities and discussion sessions. I have benefitted immensely from this course and will apply the values I have learnt to my everyday life as well.” (S.M., Metropolitan Health Group)
  • “The fact that this course (Assertive Communication Skills) is situational makes it very applicable to different cultures and backgrounds”. Attending this programme is one of the most productive things I’ve done this year.” (M.C., Metropolitan Life)