Employment Equity Consulting

Our Employment Equity Consulting service assists you with your EE Compliance. We’ve been helping our clients pass Labour Audits and become Employment Equity Law compliant for over 18 years.

Our 5-step Employment Equity Consulting process makes it easy for you to put in place an ongoing and practical Employment Equity strategy and plan, ensuring your company isn’t at risk of a fine of 2 – 5% of annual turnover.

What we can offer you:
  • Setting up your company to be Employment Equity Law compliant
  • Helping you establish roles for EE managers and an EE Committee
  • Preparing your Employment Equity plan
  • Training Management, HR Staff, and the EE Committee 
  • Resourcing stakeholders with tools for ongoing implementation of EE
  • Integration of your company strategy with EE planning
  • Realistic Barriers Analysis and planning of Affirmative Action Measures
  • Annual EE Reporting and Data Analysis
  • EE Compliant Policies and Procedures 
  • Staff Awareness and Education on EE, Discrimination, Diversity & Inclusion, and Disability (including our EE DVD for staff education)
  • Ongoing assistance and support – including facilitation of EE meetings if necessary and integration of HR processes into EE plan

We also set up your EE Committee to enable them to effectively manage the EE process in cohesion with the business strategy.  We supply you with the following at no additional cost:

  • EE Nomination and Acceptance forms
  • EE Committee Terms of Reference/Constitution and Code of Conduct
  • Example of Agenda for Meetings
  • Roles & Responsibilities outlines
  • Guidelines for EE Committee Meeting minutes
  • Templates and checklists for the Barriers Analysis
  • Checklist for evidence of EE compliance
  • Examples of typical and realistic Affirmative Action Measures
  • Guidelines for ongoing communication of EE throughout the Company
  • Distinguishing EE problems from other issues
  • Help with the practical implementation of Equity plans
  • Examples of what other companies are doing with respect to EE

For the Code of Good Practice on Employment Equity, published by the Department of Labour, follow this link: DoL Code of Good Practice