Employment Equity Training & Consulting

Employment Equity Consulting:

Copperline has been training and consulting on Employment Equity for over 18 years. Our strength lies in the practical assistance we give our clients to enable them to implement employment equity planning, communication, and reporting and ensure legal compliance.

We can help you with your Employment Equity strategy, planning, and reporting, and ensure your documentation and processes will pass any Labour Inspection. Read more.

Training – Online Employment Equity Course:

Fundamental education on Employment Equity law in South Africa, and how to practically implement it in your organisation. For more information, click here.

Virtual Training – Practical Tools for Employment Equity Committees:

If you need your Transformation / Skills Development or EE Committee trained, click here.

Virtual Training – Understanding Employment Equity:

If you need help educating other staff or managers on EE and your Company’s obligations, click here.

Employment Equity DVD:

Copperline has produced a ground-breaking new DVD to help companies with their internal communication of EE to all staff and management. This 20-minute video comes supplied with facilitator guides and support, is completely South African in context, and contains acted scenes typical to SA business’ challenges. Learn more about our Employment Equity Video.

Employment Equity Toolkit:

We created this highly practical Employment Equity toolkit to give companies all they need to ensure that they comply with Employment Equity legislation. It includes guideline documents and templates to help with all your compliance requirements.

What our clients say about our Employment Equity Programme:

“I met Joanna Cooke in 2015 when Advtech was looking for somebody to help them address the shortfalls from the Department of Labour EE Review.  Joanna helped with the establishment and training of the EE committee as well as help drafting a constitution of the EE committee. She attended most of the EE committee’s initial meetings to give guidance. Joanna helped Advtech identify barriers to EE and the submission of the EE Report which was subsequently approved by the Department of Labour. Joanna is very committed once she begins to work with a client I found her extremely helpful. I recommend her to any prospective client.” (HR Director, ADvTECH Group)

“Thank you so very much for your excellent Employment Equity training workshop for our Diversity Committee and management team. I felt that the day went really well and staff were invested in the process after the training.  I went on an EE course with another company last year and had felt even more overwhelmed after that, but you created a completely different approach to Employment Equity for all of us, for which I thank you.” (Company Director, ArcelorMittal)

“The Employment Equity training was a very interesting and an amazing eye opener. Thank you again for a great workshop, and for the great job you are doing in changing the mindsets of South Africans.  I hope you had as much fun as we did yesterday, you really were amazing, and keep up the good work!”  (Head of Dept, Crawford College – ADvTech Group)

Which of our products or services is right for you?

Virtual Training – Practical Tools for Employment Equity CommitteesAn interactive workshop to educate, assist and empower a company’s EE Committee to practically implement EE in the company and work together more cohesively to facilitate organisational change.EE Committees.
Online EE CourseFundamental education on EE law in South Africa and how to practically implement it.Anyone wanting to understand EE law and its relevance to SA companies.
Employment Equity ToolkitDownloadable information, codes, documents, templates, and resources to enable a company to implement EE and assist in practical compliance.EE Managers, HR Managers, EE Committees, and Line Managers responsible for ensuring EE law is complied with.
“EE for everyone” DVDTool for the EE Committee to educate all staff about what Employment Equity is and is not; and how the committee assists the company (all staff) to ensure equity and fairness in the company.EE Committees and HR Departments wanting to communicate EE throughout the organisation.