Professional Business English Communication

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who would like to improve their English language and general communication skills, particularly 2nd (or 3rd) English language speakers.

Course Duration:

Two days. All of our training sessions are presented virtually via online meeting platforms (Zoom or MS Teams) for groups of six or more participants.

Programme Outcomes:

Session 1 : Introduction to Business Communication

  • The Challenges of Communicating in English
  • Conveying a Professional Image in Communication
  • Pros & Cons of Different Communication mediums
  • The Impact of Non-Verbal Communication and the First Impression
  • Principles of Verbal Communication
  • Principles of Written Communication

Session 2 : Communication Guidelines

  • Considering the Recipient of your Message
  • Identifying the Purpose of Your Message
  • Listening, Watching, Reading People
  • Questioning to Avoid Misunderstanding
  • Important Things to Remember when Writing
  • Layout and Structure for E-mails and Letters
  • When E-mail is and is not Appropriate
  • E-mail Guidelines and Rules

Session 3 : Grammar and Language

  • Common South African Language Errors
  • Punctuation Rules and Exercises
  • How to use the Apostrophe
  • The Use of Capital Letters
  • Past, Present, and Future Tense
  • Plurals; Concord Exercises
  • Articles (“the”; “a” and “an”)
  • Countable/Uncountable Nouns
  • Conditionals and Infinitives (Would, Could, Should etc.)
  • How to use Conjunctions (joining words)
  • Correct use of Prepositions
  • Expanding your Vocabulary
  • Words Often Confused
  • Frequently Misspelled Words

Session 4 : Application and Communication Style

  • Enhancing Vocal Pitch and Tone for Effect
  • Neutralizing Accent to Prevent Misunderstanding
  • Cliches, Jargon, and Pronunciation Errors to Avoid
  • Avoiding Ambiguity and Ensuring Clarity
  • Building Business Relations and Goodwill
  • Guidelines for Instructions and Requests
  • Strategies for Reducing Conflict
  • Projecting a Positive and Confident Image
  • Exercises – Business Relevant Communication