Diversity, Inclusion & Transformation Training Workshops

Who Should Attend?

All staff in an organisation, at every level. It is best if a business undertakes a company-wide intervention where all staff from MD to the lowest level employees interact together.

Programme Outcomes:

Through the use of experiential exercises, practical examples and interactive information sessions, this workshop will enable participants to:

  • Explore typical diversity challenges in South African business and their relation to South African Employment Equity Law
  • Understand the meaning and value of diversity in a company culture
  • Thoroughly examine Prejudice, Stereotypes, and Unconscious Bias
  • Gain a better understanding and tolerance of the different South African cultures, languages and many other aspects of Diversity
  • Understand the true nature of “Inclusion” by examining one’s own paradigms
  • Communicate sensitively and openly with diverse team members and colleagues
Course Outline:


  • Online perception survey questionnaire for self-assessment and training room discussion
  • Clarifying terminology – “Diversity”, “Inclusion”, “Unconscious Bias” and “Stereotypes”

Session 1 :  Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

  • Feedback and discussion – Self-Awareness Questionnaire and perception survey
  • Introduction to Diversity
  • Questions and Discussion – meaning of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Diversity Activity and Breakaway Session

Session 2 : The Legal and Social Context for Diversity &Transformation

  • Employment Equity Legislation
  • Fair and Unfair Discrimination; Direct and Indirect Discrimination
  • Group Discussion – The Competitive Edge that Diversity Brings

Session 3 : Understanding Culture

  • Defining “Culture” and Dimensions of Culture
  • Elements of typical South African Cultures
  • Group Discussions – South African Culture Examples and Experiences
  • Post Session Reading: Elements of South African Cultures, Religions, and Different Cultural Norms and Values
  • Post Session Exercise – Reflecting on your own Cultural Identity

Session 4 : Business and Dominant Cultural Norms

  • Feedback on Session 3 Exercise – Cultural Identity Discussions
  • Examining Dominant and Business Cultural Norms
  • Group Discussion – Valued Management Traits
  • Exercise in Exclusionary Practice and Shared Experiences
  • Feedback and Discussion on Cultural Identity vs Business Culture
  • Enhancing Sensitivity Regarding Differences in Age, Gender, Language, Background, Orientation, Education, Disability, and other Differences
  • Post Session Exercise on Business Inclusion Practices

Session 5 : Socialization & Stereotypes

  • Understanding Socialisation
  • Exploring Prejudice, Discrimination, and Stereotyping
  • Group Discussion on How and Why Stereotyping is Common
  • Group Exercise and Reflection: Stereotypes and Unconscious Bias
  • Individual Exercise: Examining our Own Socialisation and Socialisation Influences
  • Personal Reflection Exercise – Revealing your Prejudices and Stereotypes

Session 6 : Conflict and Communication

  • Group Discussion – Feedback on Session 5 Exercise on Stereotypes
  • Deciding when to Communicate / Challenge Prejudice
  • How to (and how not to) Communicate / Challenge Prejudice or Exclusion Practices
  • Group Discussion or Exercise for Action Plans
  • Preparation for Session 7: Stop-Start Action Plan for Personal Change

Session 7 : Leading Change

  • Group Discussion and Individual Feedback on Action Plans
  • Strategies for Leading an Inclusive Organizational Culture
  • Planning Next Steps

Comprehensive training material is provided to all participants in the form of workbooks or pdf documents and links. Post-training support tools are provided as required.