Efficient E-Mail Management

Our e-mail management training course is for staff who need to learn better e-mail management.  Learn how to communicate more efficiently and persuasively by e-mail.

1 Day (Also available as a 2-day Course)

Any person who corresponds regularly by e-mail, and would like to improve the effectiveness of their communication.

1. Introduction to E-Mail Problems

  • E-Mail Time Waster’s Questionnaire
  • Group Discussion – Common Problems in E-Mail Communication (company challenges)
  • Setting Personal Objectives for the Workshop

2. E-Mail Correspondence Guidelines

  • Principles of Written Correspondence
  • Why and when to write
  • The Importance of Planning
  • Identifying the Purpose of your Correspondence
  • Considering and Relating to the Mail Recipient
  • When E-mail is and is not Appropriate
  • Group Exercise – Examples of Problematic E-Mails

3. Improving E-Mail Efficiency

  • Examining causes of time-wasters
  • Guidelines for Good E-Mail Company Etiquette
  • Ways to Reduce your In-Box Pressure

4. Tone and Language

  • Ensuring Brevity and Conciseness
  • Ensuring Clarity – Avoiding Misunderstanding
  • Being Persuasive – Getting Results with E-Mail
  • Building Goodwill and Avoiding Conflict
  • Stating Negative Information in a Positive Way
  • How to Write Respectful, Effective Reminders

5. Setting Action Plans

  • Group Discussions – Improving Company E-Mail and Personal Practices

See also our “Professional E-Mail Communication” Programme.